Sunday, February 26, 2012

A page for all the Traceurs and Freeruners of Pakistan !!!!

It seems that parkour & freeruning community is growing up in Pakistan. but unfortunately there is no proper guideline and stream is provided to the young talent. al-Badar Traceurz is going to publish a page on facebook for all the fans lovers and off course the traceurs and freerunners of Pakistan, where u can find tips, tricks, solutions to ur problems, and all the stuff related to the art of movement !!!!
r u wid us?????

Sunday, January 15, 2012

al-Badar Traceurz 2nd Anniversary Cake day !!!!!

al-Badar traceurz is 2 years old now !!!

the greedy traceurz ..... :p

Here comes the butcher.....Utti !

Happy Birthday @BT - 2gether we trace 2gethar we cut :)

a bite for moon

one bite for Utti !
one bite for KP
one bite for AD
one bite for owwi !
....and one for u, our likers, frendz and fans !!!!! have fun